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Model cyklu życia dokumentacji
Leszek Pudłowski, Model cyklu życia dokumentacji, w: Archeion, T. 115, Warszawa 2014, ss. 177-226. Wydawnictwo dostępne w postaci elektronicznej na stronie NDAP.
Streszczenie w języku angielskim:"Leszek Pudłowski, The Records Life Cycle Model. The article presents the fi rst theoretical modelthat proposes a comprehensive description of records management processes. The concept of thelife cycle of records roots in the distant past, but in the archival domain it only originated in the UnitedStates at the end of the fi rst half of the 20th century. The model is successfully used today by archivesand records management professionals, especially on the American continent and partly in Europe.The author demonstrates that there is no single creator of the concept. Moreover, he rules out oneof the contenders considered for that title. The article stresses the merits of Philip C. Brooks andEmmett J. Leahy and fi nds a forgotten precursor of the concept, Helen L. Chatfi eld. Having analysedmore than 40 different proposals for the model, the author separates its two — previously unnoticed— basic types of the life cycle concept: frequential and functional. The two models identify 3 to10 life cycle phases. In conclusion, the author proposes the use of a comprehensive and streamlinedrecords life cycle model with the following fi ve phases: creation, maintenance, use, retention, anddisposition."Źródło: Archeion, t. 115
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