Dokumentacja techniczna
Wioletta Lipińska, Problemy dokumentacji technicznej w świetle polskiej literatury archiwistycznej po 1945 r., w: Archeion, t. 111, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2010, ss.  126-148
"Data pertaining to technical solutions applied in civil engineering, industrialmanufacturing or scientific research is included in textual, numerical and graphicmaterials forming a collection referred to as technical documentation. After WorldWar II the volume of such documentation kept growing, mostly in connection withthe rebuilding of the country. It was in this period that it became significant, beingan important source of information, useful in recreation of some sets of buildings.The increase in the volume of technical documentation in companies and Stateinstitutions was accompanied by attempts made by the Polish archiving service tostandardise the rules of handling of such documentation. The first step was toinclude it in the archiving law in the definition of archival materials. This way, technicaldocumentation could be included in State archival holdings and Polisharchivists could undertake development of regulations permitting classification,qualification and handover of technical documentation to State archives.Imprecise definition of technical documentation did not facilitate work on therules related to development of an archival holding comprised of such documentation.However, the issue of the value of technical documentation was raised in literature,where attempts were made to show the possibilities of it application in scienceand economy. Considerable losses in the holdings of the documentation createdin the first years after World War II were also emphasised. Due to dispersion oflarge amounts of materials, postulates to establish the fate of the lost documentationappeared. 1954 witnessed the publication of Instructions on the manner andprocedure of managing a technical archive, developed by Grzegorz Trzciñski. Whiledealing with the issue of missing records, Maria Bieliñska observed the separatenature of technical documentation. However, even 10 years later Czes³aw Biernatwrote about the little experience archives had in development of technical documentation.He noted that contrary to archive documentation, the facility to whichthe material is linked is of the greatest significance in selection of technical documentation.In 1960 archival methodology was enriched by guidelines of the HeadOffice of State Archives pertaining to registration and assessment of technicaldocumentation of technical archives, as well as to its handover to State archives. In2000 an example of a technical documentation qualifier was added to methodologicalregulations. The issue of technical documentation is almost absent in theliterature raising the issues of archive materials digitalisation. The subject may berepresented only by general references to non-archive documentation. However, inthe case of technical documentation, the dilemma of preserving information anddocumentation will become more and more up-to-date. Archival science ought tolearn its lessons from those changes."     Żródło: Archeion, t. 111 
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