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Brytyjskie archiwa audiowizualne
Krzysztof Pątek, Brytyjskie archiwa audiowizualne. (Organizacja, zbiory, działalność), w: Archeion, t. 98, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 1997, ss. 142-158
"Krzysztof P a˛t e k, British audio-visual archives — organization, holdings, activities.The article was written as a result of the author’s business trip to Great Britain aimed at therecognition of the organization and activities of institutions producing and gathering audio-visualmaterials (audio recordings, photographs, video recordings, films) in England and Scotland.The author had the opportunity to visit, among others, the National Sound Archives and theNational Film Archives in London, some radio and TV stations: the British BroadcastingCorporation (BBC) — Film and Video Library, the Independent Television News (ITN),Visnews, museums: the Imperial War Museum, and libraries: the Vaughan Memorial Library;in Scotland he visited sound archives — the School of Scottish Studies at the EdinburghUniversity and the Scottish Film Archives in Glasgow included within the Scottish FilmCouncil. The author presents a short outline of the history of the above mentioned archives,discusses their holdings and accessibility, makes a review of finding aids they use. Inparticular, he emphasizes the use of commonly used computer-based information systems."    Źródło: Archeion, t. 98
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