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Archiwa zgromadzeń zakonnych
ks. Roman Majka, Specyficzne rodzaje dokumentacji wraz z pomocami archiwalnymi w wybranych archiwach zgromadzeń zakonnych, w: Archeion, T. 117, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2016, s. 406-420
pr. Roman Majka, Specifi c Types of Documentation along with Archival Aids in Selected Archivesof Religious Congregations. Congregational archives, or in a wider sense, church archives, havethe form of structured organizational units, with their own names, abbreviations, year of establishment,archival resources and aids.The organisation of internal and external archival activity, including that related to the apostolicworks of religious congregations, is characterized by the type of documentation produced, e.g. minutesfrom the meetings of collegial bodies, books of living and deceased professed members. Documentationconcerning the legal basis of the congregations’ operations, such as decrees establishingreligious houses, is included in the archive as well. The archival documentation is characterized byvarious structures, e.g. schematic in type or of a primary nature (chancellery, registrar offi ce).Traditional archival aids are used for processing the documentation, such as sheet- and bookbasedinventory. Some modern archival aids are taken advantage of as well, e.g. FOPAR and ISAD(G), i.e. the Polish and international archival description standards, respectively. The processing ofarchival resources of religious congregations generates a number of advantages for the congregationsthemselves, and allows the archives to be made available to a wide range of users.      Źródło:           (dostęp z 26.11.2017)
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