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Problematyka ochrony archiwaliów technicznych
Zbigniew Tucholski, Problematyka ochrony archiwaliów technicznych, w: Archeion, t. 114, Warszawa 2013, ss. 61-75. Wydawnictwo dostępne w postaci elektronicznej na stronie NDAP.
Streszczenie w języku angielskim:  "Zbigniew Tucholski, The issues of the protection of the technical archives. The article analysesissues connected with the condition of technical archival materials and their disposal in Poland. Thevalue of such documents is not respected due to the low level of awareness as regards the importanceof technology history in Poland. The article is an attempt to evaluate reasons for such a situation andits historical conditioning. The article also presents the process of disposing of archival technicaldocumentation in the age of transformation and industrial privatisation. In the article, the author alsodiscusses the main reasons for the disposal of technical fi les having great value. The fact that mostfi les are disposed of or dispersed makes it more diffi cult to carry out research into the history oftechnology. Utilitarian importance of archival documents has been presented by use of specifi c realcases (e.g. the reason for faulty refurbishment of the cross-town railroad tunnel in Warsaw was thelack of access to archival technical documentation). Another important reason for disposal of valuabledocuments is a clause of confi dentiality (in such cases, documents are often disposed of without expertassessment). The conclusions of the article regard: codifi cation of the methodology applied in the caseof processing archival technical and architectural documents, establishment of cooperation betweenarchivists and technology historians within the scope of trainings regarding issues connected with thespecifi city of archival technical documents, undertaking actions aiming at registration and digitisationof technical archival materials kept in private collections, qualifi cation of confi dential documents tobe disposed by competent archivists, making it easier for rail historians to access the collection ofarchival materials of PKP SA, taking actions aiming at registration, possible recovery and digitisationof pre-war fonds (kept in archives abroad) including technical documentation of Polish state and localgovernment institutions."   Źródło: Archeion, t. 114 
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