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Archiwa i biblioteki na świecie
Jerzy Gaul, Organizacja i zakres działania archiwów w Austrii na szczeblu centralnym (ogólnokrajowym) i regionalnym (krajowym), w: Archeion, t. 115, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2014, ss. 97-109
"Jerzy Gaul, The organisation and scope of operations of the archives in Austria at the central(nationwide) and regional level (federated states). The organisation and scope of operations of thearchives in Austria are related to the Austrian Republic’s federal system. At the central level there arefederal archives and at the national level — national ones. Among federal archives the Austrian StateArchive, which is the central one, plays an eminent role.Founded in 1945 pursuant to the Archive Law dated 17 August 1999, the Austrian State Archiveis a state offi ce and reports to the Federal Chancellor. Four archives (departments) are subordinate tothe General Director — the General Administrative Archives, and the Finance and Court ChamberArchives; the Republic’s Archive, the House, Court, and State Archives; and the War Archives.Pursuant to the Archive Law dated 1999, the Austrian State Archive is, as the central archive, notthe only archive at the federal level. Some federal offi ces and institutions are authorized to operatetheir own archives, including the Parliament’s head offi ce, the highest courts, universities, the nationallibrary, and museums.After the Word War Two and re-establishment of the federal system in Austria, regional archiveswere established in autonomic federal states to form an integral part of a given state’s administration."    Źródło: Archeion, t. 115 
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