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Archiwum Dokumentacji Historycznej PRL
Grzegorz Sołtysiak, Z doświadczeń pracy w Archiwum Dokumentacji Historycznej PRL, w: Archeion, t. 114, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2013, ss. 77-81
"Grzegorz Sołtysiak, Work in the Archives of Historical Documentation of the People’s Republicof Poland – professional experiences. The article discusses the problem of social archives. The authordescribes the role which social archives play in the creation of non-state archival collection. He concentrateson the description of advantages and disadvantages of that type of archives. In the fi rst partof the text, he provides an outline of activities undertaken by the Archives of Historical Documentationof the People’s Republic of Poland. He describes the history of the Archives, formal aspects andorganisational structure and presents the most important collections, including individual collectionsof Adam Schaff, Eugeniusz Szyr, Stefan Jędrychowski and Walery Namiotkiewicz.On the basis of his experiences gained in the course of management of the archives, the authorpresents the most signifi cant problems of social archives, including the lack of a clear system of fi nancialaids, problems related to proper processing and protection of collections and insuffi cient help ofthe state archival service.The text also contains a catalogue of demands for the future. According to the catalogue, the mostimportant things to do are to establish shared principles of processing collections, cataloguing andsharing fonds and to develop a system of trainings and courses in archival science which would enabletraining of people dealing with processing of collections and creation of an IT base."     Źródło: Archeion, t. 114 
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