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Archiwistyka - nowa czy stara dyscyplina nauki?
Daria Nałęcz, Archiwistyka - nowa czy stara dyscyplina nauki?, w: Archeion, t. 105, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2003, ss. 9-13
"Daria N a ł e˛ c z, Archive science – a new or an old discipline of science? The time is not long thathistorical archives and current records will be in the need of employees able to efficiently deal with all theproblems connected with the creation, retrieval and preservation of electronic documents. That requiresmodifications of archivist education. The author poses a question if archive science should bea specialization within the course of studies in history, or whether it should become a separate course ofstudies like library science or scientific information.The second option provides, according to the author, for more interesting prospects of a newdiscipline originating from the science of history, law, management and IT. Archive science would begiven greater chances to develop and to contribute to the global debate of the archivists. At its initialstage, the reform should make the use of modular education system making it possible for a student todecide whether to be a historian with archival specialization, or an archivist specialising in recordmanagement.As far as teaching level is concerned, the author is in favour of introducing full scale and manyopportunities of acquiring knowledge. The first stage, for some the last one, would be the secondaryschool, possibly followed by a college and university studies of B.A. and M.A. level, as well aspost-graduate studies and courses within the frames of permanent education."    Źródło: Archeion, t. 105 
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