Kancelaria współczesna
Irena Radtke, Kancelaria współczesna, w: Archeion, t. 100, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 1999, ss. 28-50
"Irena R a d t k e, Modern chancellery. A chancellery of the inter-war period (1918–1939)and the one of the present times have been most thoroughly studied. The main subject of thedissertations was the growth of archival holdings and legislation related to this process. Atpresent, both a chancellery and current archives participate in the process of making records.According to the “Archival Dictionary”, a chancellery stands for all organizational sectionsof an entity that participate in the production of records. Materials produced by a chancellery,in compliance with the notion of a modern fond d’archives, should include all types ofdocuments created or gathered in course of the execution of responsibilities by the author ofa fond. Apart from records, archival fonds include maps, plans, technical documentation,photographs, films, audio recordings, etc. The author starts with explaining historical backgroundof the modern chancellery system, i.e. principles according to which records of the stateadministration were filed until the times preceding the World War II. The most significantfeature of the new system, the so called non-registry one, was the elimination of typicalregistrars, and substituting them with referents and a record repository as an integral part ofa chancellery. Then, the author reviews regulations on filing records after 1945. The next partof the article presents the process of the growth of records in organizational units: employersand their current records archives. The six point conclusions stipulate the need to investigatewhere, and as a result of what deficiencies, some fonds of records were lost. The author hasalso some reservations as to the state of subject indexes of records for local organs of stateadministration in 1990, in which a very small number of records were defined as “A”category records, i.e. those approved for perpetual preservation. There is a general trend topreserve in fonds records useful for historical studies mostly, underestimating the importanceof records created by the organs of state authorities. Some incorrectness in the functioning ofmodern chancelleries results from inaccurate wording of instructions, some deficiencies arecaused by officials’ negligence."    Źródło: Archeion, t. 100 
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