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Archiwum Stowarzyszenia Weteranów Armii Polskiej w Ameryce
Teofil Lachowicz, Archiwum Stowarzyszenia Weteranów Armii Polskiej w Ameryce, w: Archeion, t. 103, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2001, ss. 98-118 
"Teofil L a c h o w i c z, Archives of the Society of the Polish Army Veterans in the USA.The Archives include collections related to the operations of the mutual aid organization ofPolish veterans set up in 1921 in Cleveland (USA) by former soldiers of the Polish Army inFrance, referred to as the „Blue Army”, which exists until now. The organization providedassistance to Polish disabled and unemployed veterans, in particular in the years of the GreatCrisis. During the World War II, it actively participated in the recruitment to the Polish Armyin Canada, provided material support to prisoners of war and soldiers fighting at variousfronts. After the end of the World War II, veterans from the Polish Armed Forces in the West,from the US Army, those on service with the Polish Guards Corps in occupied Germany, andeven, staring as of 1944, former soldiers of the Polish Peoplé s Army, were joining theorganization. The seat of the Management Board of the Society was changed many times; ithas recently been moved to New York. The holdings of the archives were arranged subsequentlyby different persons, which resulted in the lack of any professional and systematic arrangementof records. Records used to be kept in boxes, some of them in a very poor condition. Theholdings include documents from the period of 1917–1999 (about 50 current meters). Individualitems in the inventory are described in very general, abridged terms (dates and referencenumbers are not always included). 34 series of documents may be distinguished, including,inter alia, the records of Haller´s soldiers, general assemblies, correspondence, officialdocuments, problems of local agencies, finances, archives of a periodical issued under thetitle „Weteran” (since 1921), mutual aid, cooperation with Polish diplomatic offices in theUSA and Canada, with the US authorities, veterans´ and religious organizations, recordsregarding celebrations and events. Fonds of records such as the one of the Association ofPolish Aviators (1955–1982) and the photographic and audio-visual archives are discussedseparately. The holdings of the Society are constantly increasing: new documents are acquiredfrom local agencies liquidated and from individual donors – members of the Society and theirfamilies. The majority of photographs depict activities of the Polish Armed Forces in GreatBritain. The film section is much more modest. The archives also include some tape recordings,i.a. speeches delivered by General Anders."     Źródło: Archeion, t. 103 
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