Archiwa centralne w Polsce

Anna Koza, Państwowe archiwa centralne w Polsce: Archiwum Główne Akt Dawnych, Archiwum Akt Nowych, Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe, wyd. Uniwersytet Medyczny, Łódź 2013

"The State Archives collecting documents of historical interest from all over the country are called the
Central Archives. The collection of these archives mainly consists of archival materials issued by central
authorities of the government and its administration, central agencies, as well as personalities of the political
and cultural life of our country. The State Archives include the Central Archives of Historical Records
in Warsaw, the Archives of New Records and the National Digital Archives of Poland.
The Central Archives of Historical Records in Warsaw hold records from the oldest years up to 1918.
The Archives of New Records store records and make them available from 1918 to the present day, while
the National Digital Archives specialize in securing and processing audiovisual documentation of the 19 th
and 20th centuries as well as collect and share digital materials, including electronic records.
The Central State Archives are public institutions which are to serve society. They have become modern
units, open to researchers. The Archives make their resources available to users not only in scientific
laboratories on their premises, but also in an increasingly extended and functional electronic inventories
and databases available on-line.
Moreover, the Central Archives staff conduct scientific, informative and popularizing activities (exhibitions,
conferences, classes for youth)."
                                                      (dostęp z 12.11.2018) 

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