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From the Floppy to the Cloud

Ferenc Javorszky, From the Floppy to the Cloud. Data storage among students, w: PTINT, T. XXII, Nr 1 (85), Katowice 2014 

"In the last decade developments in the field of data storage and transport picked up speed. In
this article I examine how students studying humanities followed this. I will also explain what
problems were caused by the use of CDs, DVDs then flashdrives that broke the reign of the
floppy disk. Were the users aware of their advantages and disadvantages? What are their
reactions to the spread of cloud computing in these days? Are the students connected with this,
and do they know that they are using cloud based applications? What are the ideas about data
storage of the future?"
                                                        (dostęp z 9.12.2018) 

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