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Archiwa i biblioteki na świecie c.d.

Wojciech Klas, Archiwum Fundacji imienia Kościelskich, w: Archeion, t. 111, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2010, ss. 219-224

"The Polish Foundation, governed by Swiss law, was established in 1961 by the last
will of Monika Koœcielska (1896–1959), appointing the first council of the Foundation.
The council created a jury, which chooses the winner of a literary award. The winner
receives their prize from interest on the capital.
The Foundation’s office began to accumulate records in 1961. In 2008 its archive
was organised according to the subject and chronological system. All the materials – the
archived part from before 1984 and the non-organised section from the period between
1985 and 2008 – were divided into archival units. Duplicates were separated.
The archive includes the testament of 1957, the Founder’s passport and records
from between 1961 and 2008; it contains: records, manuscripts, correspondence, financial
evidence, balance sheets, draft and the printed version of the jubilee book, the
script from the exhibition of 2000, press excerpts, photographs and a VHS tape with a
documentary about the Foundation.
In total, the archival holding of the Foundation is comprised of the records created
by the Foundation, the legacy of Janina Koœcielska (1922–2007) and the collection of
books written by the award nominees and winners."
Źródło: Archeion, t. 111 

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