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Archiwa i biblioteki na świecie c.d.

Jerzy Gaul, Polonika w Bundesarchiv-Militaerarchiv we Freiburgu, w: Archeion, t. 107, wyd. NDAP. Warszawa 2004, ss. 391-397

"Jerzy G a u l , Polonica at Bundesarchiv-Militärarchiv in Freiburg. The continuation of the query
on Polonica from the years 1772–1918 at Bundesarchiv-Militärarchiv in Freiburg, initiated in 2001 within the
„Reconstitution of the Memory of Poland” Project, in 2003, allowed for the registration of subsequent
20 fonds in the remaining part of the holdings. The most interesting Polonica include materials pertaining to
General Jan Skrzynecki, 1841-1849, the navy and shipyards in Szczecin, Świnoujście, Kołobrzeg and Gdańsk
in the 19th c. and early 20th c., fights on the Polish lands during the First World War, history of Białystok and
the north-eastern region (Militärverwaltung Oberbefehlshaber Ost), German administration in the Kingdom
of Poland and the defence of the Baltic Sea coast. Polonica are also to be found in private papers of
Lieutenant-General Gustav Riebansahm, who performed such functions as, among others, the Commanderin-chief
of the Grodno Brigade and the Commander-in-chief of the fortress in Świnoujście, 1914–1918."
Źródło: Archeion, t. 107 

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