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Archiwalia proweniencji wojskowej

Tomasz Matuszak, Archiwalia proweniencji wojskowej w procesie edukacji studentów historii wojskowości i archiwistyki, w: Archeion, T. 117, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2016, s. 463-482

"Tomasz Matuszak, Archival Materials of Military Origin in the Process of Educating Military
History and Archival Science Students. The article presents issues encountered while using archival
materials of military origin in the process of educating military history and archival science students.
It seems obvious that each scholar — students included — should be able to effi ciently locate and use
archival sources in the course of their scientifi c work. But do current educational curricula provide
future graduates with the right amount of expert knowledge? This article touches upon the demand
for staff possessing suffi cient knowledge about military history, and is concerned with the degree of
their professional readiness. Based on an outline of the history of military registry from 1918–1939,
the author has come up with potential problems identifi ed in the educational curricula in use within
the Polish higher education system. The article also analyses the current system of educating military
historians and archivists, and discusses the potential to introduce changes, using the example of
the branch of Jan Kochanowski University in Piotrków Trybunalski. By summing up the experience
gathered in the area in question, the article presents all the shortcomings of the current system and
signals the need to introduce (according to the author’s subjective opinion) relevant changes aiming
to increase the level of and supplement the educational system. The changes referred to in the article
may contribute to a better understanding of the manner in which registry and document circulation
systems operate within institutions relevant for national defence, and to increasing the level of awareness
among researchers relying on sources in their studies."
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