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Przejmowanie dokumentacji elektronicznej

Bartosz Nowożycki, Procedury i wymagania techniczne przejmowania dokumentacji elektronicznej - rozwiązania węgierskie i amerykańskie, w: Archeion, T. CXVIII, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2017, s. 69-86

"Bartosz Nowożycki, Procedures and Technical Requirements for Taking over Electronic Documentation — Hungarian and American Solutions. Taking over of electronic documentation, currently produced in public administration and other entities, is a challenge for state archives. In connection with the designed information system of the Electronic Documentation Archive (ADE), it is necessary to look at solutions adopted and tested by other countries. The specifi city of electronic documentation requires the development of separate procedures for dealing with it from the moment of its creation to its acquisition by the state archive. Changes in the manner of documenting reality force a change in our perspective on the issue of preserving the national documentary heritage. This article describes two models of the process of taking over electronic documentation regarding both structured and unstructured electronic documents. The fi rst model introduced by the regulation of the Minister for Human Resources of Hungary illustrates the process of transferring electronic documentation to the resources of Hungarian state archives (structured documents); and the second model presents solutions adopted by the Manuscripts and Archives Department of the New York Public Library (unstructured documents). The Hungarian solution is more fl exible than the ADE project, excluding technical issues. The process itself (conditioned by a mutual agreement) is relatively simple, based on the assumption that archival packages with a specifi c format and content are to be transferred. Contrary to Poland, Hungary does not create a separate system for taking over and collecting electronic documentation in state archives. However, requirements are introduced, at the level of a regulation, regarding the management and archiving of electronic documentation (of permanent value) in public administration. The process included the National Archives of Hungary, which is obliged to publish information on the rules governing the procedure for transferring electronic documentation. The example of the New York Public Library shows a model of dealing with unstructured electronic documentation, which is increasingly appearing in private archives; and its protection, development and access poses a challenge for the State Archives. This model can be a practical example at least until the ADE system receives appropriate functions to take over and secure electronic documentation from outside the EZD class systems."
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