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Państwowa Służba Archiwalna

Paweł Wolnicki, Podstawy współpracy państwowej służby archiwalnej w Polsce z Kościołami i związkami wyznaniowymi,w: Archeion, t. 115, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2014, ss. 153-166

"Paweł Wolnicki, Grounds of co-operation between the state archive service in Poland and churches
and religious associations. The archive materials stored, inventoried, and created by religious
entities remain an area of common interest for the state archive service and churches and religious
associations. The protection of the cultural goods is a priority. However, this issue is still not regulated
despite the existing legal possibilities in the area of mutual co-operation between the entities.
The absence of initiatives is a serious threat to archive materials, especially those created in bulk and
stored in registrars. The state archives may organize mutual co-operation to popularize the national
archive resources, parts of which are owned by the said entities. One should consider whether such
cooperation should not be extended to include on-going training and advisory, a support which does
not necessarily have to be secured with special conditions, apart from the obligation of religious association
to take care of the resources owned by them."
Żródło: Archeion, t. 115 

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