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Ochrona danych osobowych


Daria Nałęcz, Ochrona danych osobowych - otwarte problemy, w: Archeion, t. 109, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2006, ss. 5-10 

"Daria N a ł ę c z, Personal data protection — open issues. The seminar on “Archival Holdings and the Protection of Privacy” organised in Warsaw on 3 November 2005 by the General Inspector for the Protection of Personal Data and the Head Office of State Archives was a good opportunity to take up a discussion in the circle of those responsible in some EU countries for the access to personal data on the subject of critical importance for the entire archival community. Invited guests presented difficulties connected with legislative procedures at home, the scope of ongoing discussions, examples of how some specific problems are being solved. Waltraut Kotschy from Austria provided a presentation based on the work of a special commission on how the issue connected with some aspects of totalitarian past and expropriation was solved. Peter Schaar from Germany presented solutions introduced in the act on the access to Stasi files in the wider context of German legislation. Attila Peterfalvi from Hungary presented the attitudes towards the issue of the availability of the files of security officers focusing on who and under which circumstances has the right to limit the right to the protection of personal data, a question of importance to Poland, as well. Marie Georges from France presented European legal regulations in the area of personal data protection, and concentrated on differences between the access on the spot in the premises of any archives and the availability via Internet. Specific regulations of the French law related to various types of personal information were also discussed. Paola Carucci from Italy provided an extensive picture of practices in Italy including closure periods adopted there. The issues of liability for damages caused by unauthorised processing of personal data were also discussed. Dariusz Grot from the Head Office of State Archives presented the approach of archivists to the issue of the access to personal data as confronted with the limited accuracy of Polish legislation."






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