International Institute for Qualitative Methodology (IIQM)


Presenters: Kathleen deMarrais and Kathryn Roulston - Exploring the archives for qualitative research studies original broadcast: October 17, 2019 When qualitative researchers design studies, they typically plan to generate new data sources through some combination of participant observation, audio- and/or video recording, open-ended surveys or interviewing. It is less common for qualitative researchers to use archival data housed in special collections as primary sources. These special collections archive a wide array of materials – including film and video, documents, and artifacts of material culture. In this presentation, we review the variety of collections available, as well as the preparation required for visits to special collections, how researchers explore sources, and how research questions might be developed through interaction with archival sources. Whereas qualitative researchers typically begin studies having fully formulated research questions, developing research questions using special collections follows a more serendipitous route, in which researchers follow leads in the data sources. We conclude by providing examples of topics that qualitative researchers have explored using archival collections.


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