" [...] Bias occurs when information becomes colored by opinion or is created by those with a stake in an issue. You need to know what those with strong opinions on your topic think, even if you disagree with them. Also those who are key players in your topic, companies that manufacture a product, same sex couples, women who have had an abortion, a parent who has lost a child to texting while driving, think. For a controversial or public policy topic, nearly all primary sources (Sources written by those deeply involved with your topic) are heavily biased. [...] " Bias - Web Savvy -- General Guide - GSU Library Research Guides at Georgia State University Tutaj polecam szczególnie jeszcze trzy stronki Catalogue of Bias - Catalog of Bias i Media Bias/Fact Check - Search and Learn the Bias of News Media i Web Resources - Implicit Bias - Research Guides at Eastern Washington University ( (

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