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Archive Everything, Mapping the Everyday, by Gabriella Giannachi, 240 pp., 7 x 9 in, 56 b&w illus. Hardcover, ISBN: 9780262035293, Published: November 25, 2016, Publisher: The MIT Press



"How the archive evolved to include new technologies, practices, and media, and how it became the apparatus through which we map the everyday.

In Archive Everything, Gabriella Giannachi traces the evolution of the archive into the apparatus through which we map the everyday. The archive, traditionally a body of documents or a site for the preservation of documents, changed over the centuries to encompass, often concurrently, a broad but interrelated number of practices not traditionally considered as archival. Archives now consist of not only documents and sites but also artworks, installations, museums, social media platforms, and mediated and mixed reality environments. Giannachi tracks the evolution of these diverse archival practices across the centuries.[...] "


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