Usługi archiwalne

Krzysztof Stryjkowski, Sylwia Stryjkowska, Usługi archiwalne i outsourcing oraz ich wpływ na działalność i zasób archiwów, w: Archeion, T. 118, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2017, s. 48-68

"Krzysztof Stryjkowski, Sylwia Stryjkowska, Archival Services and Outsourcing and their
Impact on the Archives and their Activity. Archival services and the organizing of documentation
carried out by external entities is a phenomenon that has been known for many years. Enterprises
and other entities involved in such activities in company archives and fi le depots have been the
subject of considerable attention of state archives. According to many employees of these institutions,
the functioning of external archival services and documentation work, due to their impact on the
shape of archival resources, should be supervised. This is one of the most important problems for
archival employees responsible for the broadly understood issues concerning the so-called “archival
foreground”, i.e. a place where documentation and information is created. Until now, the infl uence of
external archival services on the shape and condition of archival resources available to users today
was analysed only to a limited extent. The authors of this article have attempted to present this issue
with reference to Polish state archives. They pointed out the most important activities and described
the initiatives undertaken in this regard by the state archives in Poznań."


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