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Jak datować zdjęcia niepodpisane?

Marcin Dziubiński, Jak datować zdjęcia niepodpisane? Czyli diabeł tkwi w szczegółach, w: Archeion, t. 113, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2012, ss. 143-162. Wydawnictwo dostępne w postaci elektronicznej na stropnie NDAP.

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"Marcin D z i u b i ń s k i , How to Date Unsigned Photographs, i.e. the Devil is in the Details.

Thousands of photographs kept in private collections or state archives have neither description nor

date, only a “no information” remark. Basing on his 20–year long professional experience earned in

various institutions and companies and related to all forms of visual materials created before 2008,

the author of the article presents underestimated and unknown methods of the process of dating photographs.

He draws readers’ attention to the proper methodology adopted by a photograph archivist.

He also indicates sources which make it possible to give the answer to a lot of questions related to

a photograph. The study of the identification of pictures and their dating presented in the article

explains what tools (ready instructions) make it possible to deal with such problems. By use of pictures,

it shows how important fashion, weather or car’s licence plates are when describing photographs,

i.e. that the devil is in the details."




Źródło: Archeion, t. 113 

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