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Organizacja i zarządzanie archiwami


Marlena Jabłońska, Internal relations jako narzędzie organizacji i zarządzania archiwami, w: Archeion, t. 116, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2015, ss. 25-38. 

"Marlena Jabłońska, Internal Relations as a Tool for Archive Organization and Management.
Internal relations constitute an area of public relations. This area is limited to the internal environment
of a given institution and its main focus are communication mechanisms. Archives are managed and
organized in a manner similar to commercial companies and encounter similar problems in the management
of their human resources.
Correct internal communication can increase employee effi ciency, improve the integrity of a team
and enhance the quality of services through the implementation of three fundamental objectives: motivation,
integration, and activation. In the long term, it also leads to an improved image of the institution
and a strengthening of its position, which is important in case of crisis situations. All of these
areas of activity are important for the organization and management of archives.
Internal communication is based on the organizational structure of the institution. It may take
an offi cial or unoffi cial form and utilize a variety of communication channels and communication
tools. Employees who have access to information work more effi ciently, and good communication
contributes to the success of the entire institution. The only condition for success in this fi eld is skilful
management of the communication process.
Internal communication is also an important tool for developing organizational culture and preventing
internal crises. Effi cient internal communication facilitates a closer relationship between employees
and their workplace and creates a sense of shared responsibility for the future of the institution.
Consequently, employees become advocates for their employers, presenting them in a favourable
light. In this way, they contribute to the improvement of the external image of the institution."
Źródło: Archeion, t. 116 

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