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Zbiory archiwalne instytucji polonijnych

Paweł Pietrzyk, Polonijne instytucje w Australii i ich zbiory archiwalne na przykładzie ośrodków w Melbourne, Sydney i Brisbane, w: Archeion, t. 116, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2015, ss. 515-540

"Paweł Pietrzyk, Polish Community Institutions in Australia and Their Archival Collections as
Exemplifi ed by the Facilities in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. The article is the result of the
author’s journey to Australia for the purpose of producing a report on the possible ways of supporting
Polish community institutions in their activities related to securing and compiling their holdings. The
paper consists of two main parts: an introduction recounting the history of the Polish settlement in
Australia and a characterization of selected institutions concerned with the collection and storage of
archival holdings relating to the Polish community in Australia. The fi rst part contains a summary of
the history of the Polish emigration to Australia with references to existing literature on the subject.
The second part of the article discusses the history of operation and the archival holdings of three
Polish community institutions from three different cities in Australia: Muzeum i Archiwum Polonii
Australijskiej (Museum and Archives of the Polish Community) in Melbourne, Federacja Polskich
Organizacji w Nowej Południowej Walii (Federation of Polish Organizations in New South Wales) in
Sydney, and Archiwum i Muzeum Polskie (Polish Archives and Museum) in Queensland, operated by
the “Polonia” Polish Association in Brisbane."
Źródło: Archeion, t. 116 

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