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Archiwum Emigracji UMK w Toruniu

Mirosław A. Supruniuk, Archiwum pamięci czy warsztat do badań nad historią emigracji?, w: Archeion, t. 114, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2013, ss. 37-60

"Mirosław A. Supruniuk, Memory archives or tools for research into emigration history? For
decades, foreign archives and libraries as well as Polish institutions abroad have collected prints,
manuscripts, mementos and other Polish or Poland-related materials. For over ten years, libraries
and archives in Poland have also made efforts to obtain valuable emigration documents being in
the possession of private individuals abroad. Only some of them are ready to be used for academic
purposes. Since 1994, the Archives of Polish and Eastern European Emigration of the Nicolaus
Copernicus University in Toruń has been consistently collecting various archival materials,
emigration mementos (press, books, social life documents, music, fi lms) and pieces of art, aiming
at the creation of independent research tools in Poland.
The Archives was not established in an academic vacuum. Toruń university had carried out research
into emigration literature and art for many years. However, the Archives of Polish and Eastern
European Emigration would not have been created if it had not been for the goodwill and help of many
eminent personalities of Polish emigration whose selfl ess trust and fi rst valuable donations made it
possible for a new archival and research centre to start its operation and develop quickly. Not only
does the Archives of Polish and Eastern European Emigration collect archives, but also it carries out
scientifi c research, publishes books and a scientifi c journal, organises exhibitions and conferences,
awards prizes, distinguishes scientifi c works and awards grants. The Archives of Polish and Eastern
European Emigration combines its duties to protect archive heritage with promoting the issue and
organising research tools."
Źródło: Archeion, t. 114 

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