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Polonika i silesiaka w Ziemskim Archiwum w Brnie

Roman Stelmach, Polonika i silesiaka w zasobie dokumentów poklasztornych w Ziemskim Archiwum w Brnie, w: Archeion, T. 117, wyd. NDAP, Warszawa 2016, s. 281-310

"Roman Stelmach, Polish and Silesian Historical Materials in the Collection of Monastery Documents
in the Brno Land Archive. While visiting the Brno Land Archive in 2013 and 2014, I focused
my search on the rich collection of monastery fi les and documents. The Brno archive stores several
dozen sets of documents relevant to the topic of my interest. My search was concerned with the archive
materials of monasteries that were secularized in the 1780s, by reforms introduced by Kaiser
Joseph (1780–1790), and at the beginning of the 1950s during communist rule. The search has rendered
positive results in the case of fi les from Augustinian, Benedictine, St. John of God, Cistercian,
Dominican, Jesuit, Capuchin, Carthusian, Poor Clare, Hospitaller, Minorite, Piarist, Premonstratensian
and Redemptorist monasteries existing in the Moravia region between the 13th and the early 20th
cenuries. I focused on the content of parchment and paper documents, as well as on the extensive set
of files. The results concern materials dating from the 13th century to the period after World War II. "
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